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Force a DPF regen with a Ross Tech VCDS cable

The following is a short pictorial of how to force a DPF regen on a MKV TDI using the Ross Tech VCDS software and cable.

 1. Plug the cable into the laptop, the other end into the OBD port under the dash ( above throttle pedal in Australian cars ) noting orientation of plug shape. Turn the car onto accessories, it doesn't need to be actually running for this process, but can be.

It is best if the car is fully warmed up before forcing a heat producing regen!!

2. Start VCDS on your laptop, and if it is your first use, the software will prompt you through a setup test.

3. Follow these screens:   







At this stage enter the DPF regen code of 21295, and select "do it". The car may ping accepting the command.

From here, go for a drive, and the DPF light will appear once you go over about 20kph, indicating a regen is happening as commanded. You best go for a decent, uninterrupted drive, so plan your route to avoid traffic and lights etc, always best to do this on a motorway or back country road. You need to give the car the best chance to burn off all the soot in the regen time, hard to do in start stop traffic.

You can monitor the regen from these screens here -




Channel 075 is the main one, showing soot levels in the third screen, channel 070 just indicates a regen is happening in the first window by showing 000001, and channel 068 is an advanced channel showing DPF ash levels, or the amount the DPF is actually full of non regenable oil ash. That's a whole topic in itself for another blog!!  


Remember this is for a MKV VW, the MK6 is slightly different. Any engine fault codes, often accompanying failed automatic regens can be found from here: 



Don't clear these codes till you have had someone knowledgable look at them, or you have entered the codes into the Ross Tech WIKI, so you can try and find out what is causing your DPF to play up - usually the DPF pressure sensor, in the MKV's at least.

Greg Roles | Carformance.