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that's all folks

Carformance has closed its virtual doors as of October 2016.

For any of my past tuning customers requiring support, please email me normally, or use the contact form and I will get you sorted. For tune queries I suggest you either contact the very awesome Australia wide tuning provider RD Technik directly or try some of the other local tuners. RD Technik were my tune provider, based in QLD with local dyno equipped programmers, and their results were outstanding.

Of the other tuners I can recommend – in no particular order, I would suggest:


( QLD ) Gavin from Optimum CodeTarmac Engineering or BPS tuning.

( NSW ) Chris at TPR Engineering or Mark at Recode

( VIC ) Robbo at Tigersoft

( ADL ) Miro at MRL Automotive.

Don’t know of anyone particular in WA sorry!


Carformance began as a small parts import business back in 2009, then expanded into ECU tuning, successfully doing so for 6 years. My favourite tune provider was RD Technik, whom I can recommend without hesitation.

Having spend 4 years in Brisbane, Carformance moved up to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland late 2013. I also continued working in the medical industry, finally branching out into my own orthopaedic medical agency in 2016.

This has become a very pleasing success and takes all my weekly time hence the change in focus. I would like to thank all my past customers, friends and supporters, and have many fond memories of my time spent serving the car enthusiast community.

I am looking forward to getting back to being just an amateur tinkerer,  and spending my spare time in my garage – how this whole chapter started in the first place.


I wish you all the best in your car modifying endeavours.




Greg Roles.

Carformance – 2009-2016.


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